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Think of Vikunja like the notebook you have with all your things to keep track of.

But with superpowers.

Stay organized

Organize all of your tasks in lists. Put lists together in a namespace to keep related stuff grouped together.

Collaborate with peers

Vikunja lets you easily share a list or a namespace with another user or a whole team! You can also assign tasks to people so everybody knows who's working on what.

Use it how you need it

You can show your tasks in the classic list view - each task underneath each other. Or you can use the Gantt view to get a time overview. Or Table view to show all details you need. Or Kanban if you want that birds-eye view of the status of all current tasks.

Open Source

Vikunja is openly licensed under the AGPLv3.
You can contribute in multiple ways, even if you're not a developer!
It already helps a lot when you use Vikunja and report features you'd like or bugs you find.
And if you are a developer and know your way around Go or Vue.js, any help is appreciated.


Tasks are not only simple tasks. You can let Vikunja remind you of tasks when they're due. Never miss an important deadline again!

Remember that thing you have to do every week but can't get the hang on? You can set tasks to repeat in a time interval, letting Vikunja remind you of important weekly or monthly tasks.

Vikunja also lets you split a task in multiple subtasks for easy progress tracking and more satisfaction when crossing them off the list!

Built for speed.

We built Vikunja with speed in mind - every interaction takes less than 100ms. No more loading spinners.
Because a productive tool should not get in your way.

Kanban board

Vikunja lets you organize and prioritize your tasks in a kanban board. Quickly get an overview of the status of things - especially when collaborating with multiple people on a project.

Each card on a board represents a task in Vikunja. All tasks can be added through the usual ways and will then show up in the kanban board where they can be easily rearranged and reordered.

Import your tasks from Todoist, Trello or Microsoft To-Do

Because work does not happen in one tool only.

Other Features


Effortlessly mark tasks with a colorful label to find and group relevant tasks with a click!

Saved Filters

Create a filter with only the tasks you care about. Save it once, use it always.


Know that feeling when you have a dozen things to do but can't decide on what to work next? Vikunja lets you quickly prioritize your tasks, so you'll always know on what to work next.


Assign tasks to other users or yourself so everyone always knows who is responsible for which task.


Attach files to tasks, so you can always have all related files for a task in one place!


Relate different tasks together - even if they're not on the same list! A relation can be multiple things, for example a subtask or blocking task.

Due dates

Remember these tasks with a deadline coming up? Set a due date for a task and see all tasks with upcoming deadlines at once!

Share links

You can share a list with a link so that others can directly see or edit all tasks on a list but don't need to create an account. Share links have all the same rights management as sharing with users or teams.


Vikunja comes with a calDAV-integration which lets you use the tools you already use and love.