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The Open-Source To-Do app. Made and hosted in the EU.

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Stay organized

Organize all of your tasks in lists. Put lists together in a namespace to keep related stuff grouped together.

Collaborate with peers

Vikunja lets you easily share a list or a namespace with another user or a whole team! You can also assign tasks to people so everybody knows who's working on what.

Use it how you need it

You can show your tasks in the classic list view - each task underneath each other. Or you can use the Gantt view to get a time overview. Or Table view to show all details you need. Or Kanban if you want that birds-eye view of the status of all current tasks.

We will never look at your tasks.

We will never sell your grocery list or meta data. Because privacy matters.
Don't take our word for it, check it! Vikunja is openly licensed under the AGPLv3.

Check out all awesome features

Getting more organized is hard

I built Vikunja because there was no good Open-Source Tool to do what I wanted. Privacy is important. For me, you should be able to look at the code of a piece of software you use a lot. Especially if it is something like a to-do app you use daily.
Vikunja Cloud is the best way for me to make sure the project can continue to live on and be self-sustainable. Being completely bootstrapped, the users of the software are the top priority and not some VC.

Founder of Vikunja


4€ /month

Your own account, completely managed by us.

  • Unlimited lists
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited reminders
  • Unlimited share links
  • Unlimited relations
  • Unlimited filters
  • 10GB attachment storage
  • Email & Community support
  • Support an awesome open-source project
Buy Free 14 day trial. Cancel anytime.
Custom Pricing

Your Enterprise-ready instance of Vikunja.

  • Everything in personal
  • Unlimited attachment storage
  • Your own private instance
  • Team billing
  • Suited to your needs
  • Bring your own server (optional)
  • Agreement for contract data processing (GDPR)
  • Priority email support
  • Team training
More details

Vikunja is and always will be Open-Source and freely available.
The hosted version supports the development and ensures Vikunja will be around for some time.

Why is there no free version?

Building and maintaining software costs money and time. There's no way around it. That money has to come from somewhere. Most free products either have limited functionality to nag you to buy a premium version that is actually usable or just sell your data to advertising companies. In those cases, your not the user, you're the product.

I don't do any of this.
I believe you, the user, should be front and center of the software you're using. You're always free to host Vikunja yourself, no strings attached. Keep in mind that also means you will need to take care of all server maintenance, updates and backups yourself. If that's your jam, great! But if you just want to use it, consider buying a subscription to support the ongoing development.

If you're not sure Vikunja is useful to you, just try it risk-free with a 14-day trial. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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